Alternative energy today for a better future tomorrow

ADVASOL (Pty) Ltd is a Southern African alternative energy company committed to finding and harnessing low carbon energy solutions for use in Southern Africa. Using innovative technology and exploration methodologies, we are equipped at finding potential solutions that will unlock benefit for all. 

Southern Africa is in the middle of a power crisis. Not only is our power supply getting more expensive, but there isn’t sufficient supply to meet our present and future needs. On top of that, South Africa is the 13th largest contributor of carbon emissions globally and one can no longer ignore the very real and negative impact that our coal power stations are having on the environment.

On 2009 we started the journey of applying for natural gas licenses in the Southern African region and are currently investigating potential solutions in natural gas and solar. This is just the start, but a promising one.

As a Southern African company and a responsible citizen, we understand that real wealth and value comes from the legacy we leave behind, not the profits we make. But we are also practical and know that any solution needs to be financially and environmentally viable. Through innovation and technology we aim to find a better way of doing things.